Lumen Technologies has fallen victim to two separate cybersecurity incidents, including a ransomware attack discovered last week. The Monroe, Louisiana-based firm, which provides communications and network services, revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that its systems had been targeted by malicious actors.

The ransomware attack resulted in the degradation of a small number of enterprise customers’ operations, while a sophisticated actor was able to access part of the company’s IT systems and install malware, stealing data in the process. Lumen has since notified law enforcement, and is working with outside firms to contain the incidents and restore functionality to their customers’ systems.

The company has also begun evaluating possible responses to the ransomware attack and is examining whether any personally identifiable information or other sensitive information was stolen. It is working with multiple advisors, relevant authorities, and customers to mitigate and assess the impact of the two incidents. At this time, Lumen does not believe the incident will have a material impact on its financial results, operations, or ability to serve customers.

How to Protect Your Business Against Ransomware Attacks:

Chris Close, a cybersecurity expert with Cyber Sleuth Security’s Trenton office, recently shared his insights on how businesses can protect themselves from ransomware attacks.

"Ransomware is a huge problem for businesses, and it's important for them to take steps to protect their data," he said. "The first step is to make sure all systems are up to date and running the latest security patches. This will help protect against known vulnerabilities that can be exploited by ransomware attackers."

He also advised businesses to back up their data frequently and store it off-site. "It's important to have an off-site backup that is regularly updated," he said. "That way, if the worst should happen, businesses can restore their data without paying a ransom."

Finally, Chris suggested that businesses should be aware of the ways ransomware might enter their networks. "Phishing emails and malicious websites are two of the most common methods of attack," he said. "Businesses should be sure to educate their employees about the dangers of clicking on suspicious links or opening unexpected attachments."

By following these simple steps, businesses can greatly reduce the risk of falling victim to a ransomware attack.


Lumen Technologies hit with 2 separate security incidents