Taiwan-based PC maker MSI has confirmed they suffered a data breach after a ransomware gang called Money Message claimed they stole files from the company. MSI released a statement to the Taiwanese stock exchange about experiencing a “cyber attack.” They have also reported the incident to authorities.

Money Message has posted screenshots of the stolen files on the group’s dark website and is demanding MSI pay $4 million or else they’ll leak the stolen data next week. MSI says they are working to bolster their cybersecurity for company systems and anticipate the breach having “no significant impact” on their financials or operations.

How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Chris Close, a cybersecurity expert with Cyber Sleuth Security’s Trenton branch, recently sat down with us to discuss the best ways for businesses to prevent ransomware attacks.

When asked about the most effective methods for preventing ransomware attacks, Chris said, “The first step for businesses is to ensure that their systems are regularly updated with the latest security patches. This will help to keep any potential threats from exploiting known vulnerabilities.”

Chris also recommends that businesses use a layered security approach, “By having both a firewall and an antivirus solution in place, businesses can reduce the risk of their systems being infected by ransomware.”

Finally, Chris stresses the importance of user education, “It’s important for businesses to educate their employees on the importance of cybersecurity and the dangers of clicking on malicious links or downloading suspicious files.”

By following these simple steps, businesses can greatly reduce the risk of a ransomware attack.


MSI Confirms Breach as Ransomware Gang Claims Responsibility